My name is Sandy (perfect desert rat name, no?) and I live in the desert Southwest with my husband Dave. We are definitely two extremely content desert rats who feel greatly blessed to have our home here in this beautiful, somewhat remote area of Arizona near Grand Canyon West.

I grew up in northern California with its predictable and well defined four seasons, however, this particular area of Arizona – the eastern mojave desert – has its own unique four seasons, but in a much subtler sense. Summer and Winter can be distinguished easily enough by the extreme temps of hot and cold, but Spring and Fall have a way of sneaking in-between the other two with a more sublime manifestation of near perfect weatherOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.  Every day of the year here is always a good day to be outdoors walking, quad riding, swimming or canoeing at the lake, or whatever your heart fancies, just name it! With very little annual rainfall contrasted with a great abundance of sunshine those internal endorphins happily keep flowing on a regular basis.

In my blog I will be sharing my experiences, photographs and the like of life here on the mesa and other travels too from time to time. Enjoy!


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