New Beginnings

Meadview, AZ

It’s happened! I’m now officially a full-time Arizona resident. I once was, then wasn’t and am now again. That is, I originally moved from California to Lake Havasu City, AZ in 1992. In 2003 my husband and I moved to Las Vegas, NV. We’ve enjoyed our little place here in Meadview on two acres of land for over five years and after tasting the city life for seven + years we have resettled in Arizona once again. Transitions aren’t easy, I’ll say that, but the prospect of a new beginning in this special place on planet earth excites me. I always look forward, never look back. Why would I?

Lately I started a part-time job at the local Post Office and it clearly is very physical, busy work. I love it. It feels good to be active for seven hours straight and get to know so many more people in the community. I’ve decided that I truly enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. Every person I’ve ever met, or have¬†known I can honestly say has enriched my life in some way. Yes, even those people who aren’t so easy to get along with at times (or any time!)

I hope to continue my skin care business in some fashion or the other as it truly is my ‘first’ passion. My jewelry making will hopefully come along well too. I plan on learning not just Post Office skills, but new and better techniques of jewelry creations.

Here’s to a life full of new beginnings!