IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE MY LAST POST…I don’t even know where to begin, again. My creativity has been channeled into the orderly task of cleaning, purging and organizing ‘things’ the past year or so.
First in my mother’s house after her passing. And now my house as my husband and I have made a huge decision to re-locate to another U.S. State (I’ll keep most of you guessing which State, for awhile!) as soon as our house and my mother’s house sells.
I even stopped making jewelry, one of my favorite hobbies, for almost a year. Maybe I was more deeply and profoundly affected by my mother’s passing than I consciously realized. (I’m realizing it now!)
My father-in-law (I affectionately called him ‘Pops’) passed away just a little over a month ago. I will miss him terribly. Knowing that both my mom and ‘Pops’ are safe within heaven’s shores gives me much peace. I have been tremendously blessed to know these two wonderful people, one all my life, the other when I met my husband, Dave.
So now I will try to get that creative flow going again. Just writing this little bit today makes me happy!


A New Dimension






I knew this inheritance would be a good one. Her birth name isĀ  Bianca, but she has a few cutsey nicknames like Bunky and Buttermilk.
Bianca is a just right mixture of Shiba Inu and Chihuahua. She is as sweet as peach pie and she is my new found companion. My mother gifted her to me as a parting gift (mom now resides in that perfect dimension of existence called heaven).
I knew Bunky would probably be my little gal one day as I was asked to be her co-parent when my mother adopted her two years ago.
My puppy pal and I walk together almost every day. Sometimes we’ll walk twice a day, or sometimes after I get home from work, sometimes we’ll trek in the early daylight hours or wait until the sun begins to set causing our bodies to cast weird, long, and wispy shadows on the ground.
I cherish our walks together. She loves to run, walk, stop, sniff & well, do what dogs must do. And together we are pleasurably dwelling in our own meandering thoughts and senses, and yet there is a mutual enjoyment and fluidity of our gestures and movements as we stroll along, mostly in silence. I love the feel of Terra firma beneath me, the dazzling clarity of the sky above and the crunchy sounds of the ground beneath my feet as we tread along the way.
And it’s during these peaceful and happy walks with my little friend that I want to breathe in and exhale deeply, absorbing in the indescribable beauty around me with all my natural senses. When we share our walks together I feel especially connected in an indescribable way with this sweet little canine. I absolutely enjoy watching her getting in the ‘zone’, with her twitching nose sniffing along the ground, stopping in her tracks to pick up a scent of interest and veering off road to smell the wildflowers in bloom.
I’m fairly sure most dog people have already known and experienced this sacred kind of relationship between canineĀ  and human, but it’s a relatively new experience for me. And I’m loving it!
For me it’s a previously unknown, beautiful dimension that I have now entered into and I thank God for such a priceless gift!