IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE MY LAST POST…I don’t even know where to begin, again. My creativity has been channeled into the orderly task of cleaning, purging and organizing ‘things’ the past year or so.
First in my mother’s house after her passing. And now my house as my husband and I have made a huge decision to re-locate to another U.S. State (I’ll keep most of you guessing which State, for awhile!) as soon as our house and my mother’s house sells.
I even stopped making jewelry, one of my favorite hobbies, for almost a year. Maybe I was more deeply and profoundly affected by my mother’s passing than I consciously realized. (I’m realizing it now!)
My father-in-law (I affectionately called him ‘Pops’) passed away just a little over a month ago. I will miss him terribly. Knowing that both my mom and ‘Pops’ are safe within heaven’s shores gives me much peace. I have been tremendously blessed to know these two wonderful people, one all my life, the other when I met my husband, Dave.
So now I will try to get that creative flow going again. Just writing this little bit today makes me happy!


SHINE – Weekly photo challenge

This challenge was easy as I already had recently taken this pic from my yard. The sun can shine like nothing else despite the obstacles in its pathway.

Here it creates a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colors, light and shadows.

What an amazing view!

Details (last week’s) Weekly Photo Challenge

Beautiful detail of river rocks collected by my husband near Blythe California a few years ago. He couldn’t resist scooping up some off the desert floor and bringing them home to show off to me. 

They all now rest on the desert floor of  their new home beside  one of our rock lined walking trails on our property – a nice little spot to stop and admire their beauty and worth – the Rock Garden!

This is one garden that doesn’t require watering and pampering! While strolling along the path the other day I used my cell phone camera to capture the finer details of some of these lovely stones.