This morning’s sunrise offered multiple textured clouds in the sky. I’m glad I woke up early enough not to miss this spectacular sight!


Weekly Photo Challenge: FOCUS


I present my photo of the week “Focus” with this pic. The woman in the foreground (who happens to be my daughter) draws the eye to view her, but then the eye is drawn to the young man in the red hat (my grandson), and ultimately further out where two persons are strolling along the shoreline.

This was taken with my Motorola Droid Maxx phone near Long Beach, WA.

This is one of my absolutely favorite photos, taken this way quite accidentally I might add, and I just love the peaceful scene. I hope you do too!

Details (last week’s) Weekly Photo Challenge

Beautiful detail of river rocks collected by my husband near Blythe California a few years ago. He couldn’t resist scooping up some off the desert floor and bringing them home to show off to me. 

They all now rest on the desert floor of  their new home beside  one of our rock lined walking trails on our property – a nice little spot to stop and admire their beauty and worth – the Rock Garden!

This is one garden that doesn’t require watering and pampering! While strolling along the path the other day I used my cell phone camera to capture the finer details of some of these lovely stones.